Reports on Production, Shipping, Consumption: The Consensus is Growth

Various end of year reports highlight the steady growth in the wine industry, whether in consumption, production or shipment.  Silicon Valley Bank's 2015 Wine Report is always a good resource for trends, predictions and overview of the state of the wine industry.  Notably, the report states that "In 2014, we predicted sales growth of 6–10 percent and expect to end in the upper end of that range, if not a percentage point or two above it" and "2015 looks like a breakout year."  

Likewise, ShipCompliant's annual report, according to The North Bay Business Journal, notes that "U.S. wineries, led by those in Napa and Sonoma counties, last year shipped the equivalent of 3.95 million 9-liter cases to consumers, taking in $1.82 billion . . . That’s up 13.6 percent by volume and 15.5 percent by value, and the most expensive wines had the most growth. The average price of a bottle shipped rose 1.6 percent to $38.40."

Wines & Vines 2015 Directory & Buyer's Guide also notes an increase in the number of US wineries and that "U.S. wineries grew in case production by 5.6%."